The advantages of aluminum foil lunch box


Aluminum foil lunch box, as the name implies, is the use of a certain strength and toughness of aluminum foil, after stamping processing of the lunch box, a new type of food packaging, distribution containers, compared with other materials, with the material light, high barrier, anti-ultraviolet, moisture and anti-corrosion and long shelf life characteristics, at the same time, because aluminum can better maintain the freshness of food and moisture, more in line with the modern concept of environmental protection, healthy life.

 To sum up, aluminum foil lunch boxes have the following characteristics: non-toxic raw materials. Health and safety, heating does not produce harmful substances; strong barrier. Can protect the original taste of food, extend the shelf life of food; more fresh. Can better maintain the freshness of food and moisture; high recycling value. Efficient Recycling, environmental protection, saving resources; more beautiful. Good decorative characteristics, highlight product differences and grades; more environmentally friendly processing. Light quality, batch production, cost-effective advantages.

Post time: Aug-05-2022

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