• Development: Looking ahead

    Development: Looking ahead

    Committed to become the global professional manufacturer of aluminum products. The major products are aluminum alloy sheet/coil/strip/foil, which are widely applied in the fields of transportation, packaging and building, and supply intermeidate materials for home appliance, electronic communicat...
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  • Automatic Aluminum Foil Container Production Line

    Automatic Aluminum Foil Container Production Line

    Feeder design is reasonable and steady, of good performance for small thickness and big width material, without wrinkle under higher speed sunning. SE supplies the stronger addition emboss unit with feeder, the smart printing unit with feeder, and the slide stroke adjustable type press which is m...
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  • The Features of Foil Container Mould

    The Features of Foil Container Mould

    Thicker and better quality Aluminum alloy is adopted to all the parts of the mould to guarantee the steady and long life. Mould guide pans are used with bigger diameter 50-60mm with good heat treatment alloy. Scientific design makes the cutting scrap rate under better control and reduce product ...
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  • Our Mould of Aluminum Foil Container

    Our Mould of Aluminum Foil Container

    Mould is adopted from higher level quality steel: Cr12Mov, Cr12, DC53, SKD11, etc.; Mould fits aluminum alloy: 8011, 8006, 3003, 3005, etc.; Thickness: 0.030mm-0.350mm; Type: normal foil, lubricated foil, lacquered foil, laminated foil, etc.; Technical data: elongation>12%, tensile strength>...
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  • Compay Launched New Production Line For Foil Container And Roll

    Compay Launched New Production Line For Foil Container And Roll

    In the beginning of this year, Yutai launched new production line for aluminum foil containers, rolls and pop up foil sheets. We also develop various kinds of aluminum deep process equipment to the clients for more than 35 countries’ customers including Southeast Asia, Japan, USA, Canada, M...
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  • Sales And Service

    Sales And Service

    Xuzhou Yutai, your most reliable aluminum alloy supplier. For many years, depending on the advanced technology and high-quality products and service, the company wins the markets and the trust of clients. Looking into the future, Xuzhou Yutai will secure its competitive edges in the market throu...
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  • HSE Management System

    HSE Management System

    The HSE management system was developed in 1980s which focuses on the management of health, safty and environment. The core of this management is: risk indentification, risk evaluation and control. Its scientific management embodies the “prevention, leadship commitment, full participation ...
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  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Yutai QC center has more than 30 the first class testing equipments, such as universal electronic tensile testing machine, photoelectric direct reading spectrometer imported from Japan, Germany sartorius electric scale, digital electronic viscometer, digital display flash tester and sclerometer, ...
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  • Enterprise Mission

    Enterprise Mission

    Employee growths, benefiting our customers, benefiting our society, protecting our environment Care for employees, create a platform for employees to fully display their talents, provide a safe and healthy working environment and opportunities for growth and development, and continuously improve ...
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  • Color Coated Aluminum Coil

    Color Coated Aluminum Coil

    Color coated aluminum coil, as its name suggests, is the product after coloring the surface coating of aluminum plate or aluminum coil roll, mainly including PEVE(Fluoroethylene vinyl ether), PVDF(fluorine-carbon), HDPE(high density polyethylene), PE(polyester) color coated aluminum coil. Color c...
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  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

    Today is Earth Day. Xuzhou Yutai Industry Co., Ltd., is thoroughly committed to protecting the environment and sees quality as the vehicle which guarantees a high level of compliance in the commercialization and transformation of steel products. Furthermore, we hold environmental care and qualit...
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  • We made it!

    We made it!

    Messonier reiterated that the immediate risk to the American public is low at this point. CNN said Messonier’s comments allayed concerns that the virus could be transmitted via packages sent from China. Coronaviruses like SARS and MERS tend to have poor survivability, and there’s “very low ...
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