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Aluminum alloy casting equipment
Main casting equipment:
Regenerative Gas Furnace: 20MT*4 sets, 10MT*2 sets, 5MT*1 sets
Fixed Resistance Static Furnace: 20MT*4 sets, 10MT*2 sets
Intermediate Frequency Furnace: 3MT*1 set
Semi-continuous Casting Machine: 20MT*2 sets, 10MT*1 set, 5MT*1 set
On-line Processing System*7 sets
30MT Homogenizing Furnace*3 sets
Billet Casting Machine*3 sets
Equipped with domestic advanced electromagnetic stirring system, on-line refining, degassing and filtration system, we can produce 1***-8*** aluminum alloy series, diameter 80-680mm solid or hollow billets.

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Aluminum alloy forging equipment
Main forging equipment:
40MN free-forging and 40MN die-forging machines
loop mill rolling machine
Supporting with precision CNC machine, surface treatment machine, off-line quenching system and heat treatment system, we can achieve a variety of products including free-forging, precision forging, isothermial forging, special-shaped forging, cavity forging, various forging, loop mill rolling, loop rolling forging with excellent physical properties.

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Aluminum alloy extrusion equipment
Main extrusion equipment:
Total 15 press extrusions including Italy PRESEZZI 50MN, 36MN; 11MN double-acting forward/reverse extruders; 25MN, 18MN, 13MN, 11MN, 8MN domestic-made extruders.
Main heat treatment and high precision straightening machine:
12-meter and 18-meter vertical quenching furnace; 10MT annealing furnace; LG30, LG50 tube rolling machine; roller type straightening machine for pipe or bar for diameter 6-350mm; profile straightening machine and twisting machine; 30KN, 4MN tension straightening machine and 1 MN pressure straightening machine; tube cold-drawing machine and ultrasonic inspection, eddy current testing machine.

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