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Located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province in China, Xuzhou Yutai Industry Co., Ltd., owning several manufacturing and processing factories in Jiangsu and Henan Province, is a professional manufacturer. The company mainly produces various types and specifications of Aluminum alloys, such as Aluminum sheets, Aluminum coils, Aluminum strips, Aluminum circles , Aluminum foils, and Aluminum profiles, Copper alloys. The company mirrors the idea of constantly seeking for better quality and creating classic products by professionalism. All kinds of products meet the international product standards and are of excellent craftsmanship and unique design.


Also as a foreign trade company, Xuzhou Yutai has always been committed to offering clients at home and abroad the products of high quality involved in metal materials, metal products and the top-ranking service in accordance with the management concept of “quality, professionalism and sincerity”. The company is a manufacturer foreign trade cooperation. Building up wide international marketing network abroad, the products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and countries in the Middle East. By virtue of wide commodity information network, the company has partners around the world and has long-term and stable business with many overseas clients.What the corporation pursues is “client’s satisfaction and smile”, so employees are strict with themselves, 

motivate themselves and develop themselves all the time, striving for trust and support with sincere and efficient service. What the corporation pursues is “client’s satisfaction and smile”, so employees are strict with themselves, motivate themselves and develop themselves all the time, striving for trust and support with sincere and efficient service. The company wishes to work together for a win-win situation, to open up a new market and to head for a brilliant new century with more partners.

Our Market

Aluminum alloys are widely used in buildings for the light density, the good anti-corrosion and welding performance. Yutai Aluminum is outstanding in construction, with markets spread all over the countries and areas in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.


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As one of the light metals, Aluminum alloy has a lot of advantages, which makes it become ideal material for manufacturing transport. As the coming of low carbon age, energy saving and pollution emission reduction, green transport become requirements and trends in the expect of commercial transportation. And the light weight of conveyance is the best way of improving fuel economy.  

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With good conductivity and processing performance, Aluminum alloy is a perfect heat dissipation material. It’s suitable for varieties of electronic products. Yutai is an advantageous supplier in electronic Aluminum.


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Compared with the bad influence of human health and environment by plastic foam meal boxes, Aluminum foil food containers grow and develop to the rising star. Aluminum foil is a light material with high barrier property. It has good performance in moisture proof, water proof, anti corrosion and shading. It has properties of green environmental protection, safety and health. Our foil container products are very popular in American markets.


Our Plant

Our hot rolling workshop owns the world most advanced production facilities and technologies imported from USA, Germany and South Korea. Main equipments such as 1+4 hot rolling mill production line, quenching line, 3,000 tons sheet stretcher, etc., is capable of manufacturing high quality Aluminum alloy plates and coils for worldwide customers. The production lines are equipped with international top degassing system - Mitsui metal on line degassing device. The device can control the internal quality of products and the surface quality in order to produce light gauge Aluminum foil stock with stable product quality. 

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We have 5 cold rolling mills, 12 annealing furnaces, 1 tension leveler and 10 slitting machines and other machines. The main products include CPT substrate and a variety of Aluminum foil stock with thickness 0.02-20.00 mm and width 2000 mm or below, such as mirror finishing Aluminum, theft proof cap, chassis plate, CTP plate base, foil stock, cable foil, air conditioner foil, container foil, decorative foil, electronic foil, etc. 

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We have 5 foil mills with width 1850 mm, 2 total oil recovery machines, 5 Aluminum foil vertical cutting machines, 40 sets of annealing furnaces and other machines. All Aluminum foil mills are equipped with Siemens AGC/AFC shape meter and Honeywell. Gauge version of AGC can reach 15μ, the foil thickness tolerance can be controlled in +/- 5%, so we can completely meet the high requirements of clients. 

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The color coating workshop has equipments such as coating lines, vertical slitting machines, etc. The annual production reaches up to 30,000 tons and the main products are consisted of Aluminum composite plates, Aluminum single plates, corrugated plates, etc., which are specially used in coil coated products, Aluminum coated wall plates, etc.

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